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What is Last Call/Fin's Beach Bar?

Fin's Beach Bar and Back Patio is a web3 community focused on having fun, making connections, and learning. Last Call is the first mini-game from Fin's since our initial pilot. The game runs on the ethereum blockchain and this site is designed to make interacting with it easier and fun. Minting is free, except for a .0001 minium to de-incentivize bots.

When the site loads, we ask the Fin's contract which block the last drink was minted during. We compare this to the current block and use these numbers to estimate how much time is remaning. As new blocks are detected or when we detect a new drink has minted, the site timer updates. For this reason, the timer is never exact. The most accurate source of information is directly on-chain.

The object of the game is to collect 15 different drinks. Once you've obtained a full set, you'll be able to "burn" this set in exchange for the final drink (token 19). The final two tokens (18 and 19) will be the only ones that have voting power or utility in the Fin's ecosystem beyond this game.

You can read the complete bite-paper here: Last Call Bite-Paper

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